April 19, 2014

January 08, 2014

Undress Brisbane 2013

A very late post but I was very thrilled to be able to experience Undress Brisbane last October.  If you have not heard of Undress Brisbane it is a Sustainable Fashion organisation (you might call it that), every year they host a Sustainable Fashion Runway Show in a car park in Fortitude Valley, all clothing is Australian made, natural and by local designers.  The transformation of the car park is so natural contemporary with wooden crates and branches.  Bibin and I really enjoyed the night, the organic cocktails and most of all the fashion.  Check them out here (Undress Runways), they are also starting up in Melbourne now too.   My Shoes: The Iconic, Dress: Lulu boutique in the Brisbane CBD. Photography: FMV TV    Bibin's Clothes:  Shirt: Chamakkalayil Silks Textile, India. Pants: Jack Black. 

August 30, 2013

Recipes: Indian Salad

Yogurt Raita: Greek yogurt ~ Mint Pesto/Fresh mint leaves ~ Salt
Put greek yogurt into a small bowl and mix in some mint pesto and or some fresh mint leaves. Add salt to taste, you can even add lime juice or a tsp or more of vinegar to add more tang.

Fresh Salad: Carrot ~ Cucumber ~ Red Onion ~ Fresh Mint ~ Mint Pesto ~ Lime
Use a grater to grate the carrot and cucumber into thin strips.  Slice the onion, mint and lime. I like to put some of the mint pesto in, it’s just so easy to use!  Use extra lime to squeeze over the whole salad.  A beautiful fresh side dish.

August 07, 2013

Short Video: Patio Makeover

I have created this short video using this amazing app called Magisto on my phone of our patio after we finished. Unfortunately we rent so we couldn't re-do any of the structural part which badly needs attention.  

August 06, 2013

Patio Makeover: Pops of Yellow

 Paint, paint, paint. There is so much you can do with paint. My husband and I have re-done the furniture on our front patio. The table and chairs used to be black, the vase was sandy and the screen was bamboo. Here is a simple way to pop up your patio with a bright can of paint.
 The Vase we have painted with the same bright yellow that we painted the table and chairs with.
 The cushions are old cushions that I re-covered with a peace printed fabric I found at my local fabric store. Cushion covers are very easy to sew up yourself.
This is a bamboo screen that we randomly sprayed with bright Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow spray paint. All in a days work!

May 28, 2013

Ribbons + Candy Online Boutique: Now Open

 Check out our new Online Boutique www.ribbonsandcandy.com :) 
Wearing: Ribbons + Candy's Field of Flowers Crop Top and Satin Skirt.
 Little Hearts Crop ♥

I am so happy and excited to announce that my little boutique is open!! YAY!!! Inside are my own designs and creations. It's only very small but it is a start. Let me know if you like anything or want me to stock anything as I always love to hear your feedback. Xo